Sandy & Daniel

I’ve been so slack with posting on here, but I thought i should share this beautiful wedding with you. Sandy & Daniel are the sweetest couple, and so gorgeous together. Their simple backyard wedding was full of little personal touches, gorgeous flowers and genuine emotion. We ran out of time before the wedding to their engagement shoot, as they were busily finishing off renovations to their house, so we got together again a few weeks later for a post wedding shoot. This turned out to be pretty handy after it rained a lot on their wedding day, we were able to sneak off and grab some lovely late arvo sunshine on the beach. Had so much fun with these guys and their fur babies!


And a few weeks later when the sun came out….




One thought on “Sandy & Daniel

  1. Amazing post and photo too. Invite me when you’re doing the anniversary. Blog On.

    Check out my previous scribbles. Keep in touch.



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