Maree & Clint

Maree & Clint; two gorgeous souls, a huge big love, a beautiful dress, a stunning location- a photographer’s dream. It was such a pleasure to capture and share in this amazing wedding celebration.  This post is a cross section of their epic 3 day affair- their time to come together, be with their loved ones, commit to each other and celebrate. It took place at a retreat in the bush in Kangaroo Valley, their vows taking place in an amazing natural rock cathedral. Celebrations went into the night, with musical performances by  their many talented friends and family, much booty shakin  on the dance floor, chillin in the sheesha tent, and capturing the moments via polaroid and photobooth. Such an awesome way to kick off the rest of their lives together which will no doubt be full of love, music and adventure. All the best Ree & Clint xx

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