Ree & Clint Engagement Shoot

I’m really excited to be able to share some snippets from this shoot! I did a brief little engagement session with this incredibly gorgeous couple; meet Ree and Clint, owners of Sawtooth Studios. We decided to meet at the studios and work out where we might adventure off to from there. But how could we resist snapping a few quick shots in and around the studio space?! One or two quick shots  of course turned into many many shots. Here are a few of our favourites. I had heaps of fun; apart from getting to hang out with these fabulous folk I also had the chance to try something a little different.  Awesome working with you Ree & Clint, oh, and Stellar too! Stellar is their loveable fur baby, and she just had to get into as many shots as she could. – I’m so looking forward to the wedding! xx

IMG_9583_1c WM IMG_9626_1 WM IMG_9644a_1 WM2IMG_9754a WM IMG_9743 b WMIMG_9767 bWRM3wrm WMwrm IMG_9791bWM IMG_9792bWM3IMG_9824_1 WMIMG_9831_1_1 WM2 IMG_9839_1WM IMG_9854_1 WM

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