Monkey Business- Kristie, Andy & Jack!

I had a lovely little adventure into the bush on the weekend with these gorgeous folk; Andy, Kristie and little Jack. We took a stroll, played some games and snapped a few pics. Beautiful people, beautiful location, I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂A,K&J_01 A,K&J_6 BW_3 A,K&J_10a A,K&J_14BW_1 A,K&J_19 A,K&J_25 copy_1 A,K&J_31 copy_1 A,K&J_33 copy A,K&J_35 A,K&J_36 A,K&J_48 A,K&J_50_1comp 1 A,K&J_55_1 A,K&J_57 A,K&J_61_2 A,K&J_62 A,K&J_66_1 A,K&J_76 A,K&J_78BW A,K&J_80comp 3 A,K&J_85A,K&J_95 A,K&J_97_1 A,K&J_101 A,K&J_107 A,K&J_108 A,K&J_109 A,K&J_110 A,K&J_112A A,K&J_115 A,K&J_117 A,K&J_121 A,K&J_125 A,K&J_128BW_1 A,K&J_131 A,K&J_133 A,K&J_140BWA,K&J_150comp 2 A,K&J_154 A,K&J_157 A,K&J_159 A,K&J_160

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