Tony’s Acting Portfolio

This is Tony! You may recognise his charming face from various locations on screen. We thought it was about time to update his portfolio, given the last time was about 10 years ago. Though, to be honest- He really hasn’t changed very much. How you do that??!  A few from THEN…


So we did a brief little studio shoot, here are some of my favs, NOW x

IMG_80392xBBW 2xCIMG_7998_12xAIMG_8024_1

5 thoughts on “Tony’s Acting Portfolio

    • I don’t know how Tony manages it really- he rocked up to do this shoot, having had little to no sleep the night before. He then waited patiently while I set up and tweaked the studio set up, and as soon as I was finally ready, he just “switched on” for the camera. Total pro 🙂

  1. He really hasn’t changed much at all!! What’s your secret, Tony? If it’s “healthy living”, then I don’t want to know 😛

  2. Yep I think it must be said “Think young and you will be young.” “Smiles cost nothing and mean everything.” “No kind act is ever unrewarded.” …. You are all too kind 🙂

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