Alice? Alice? Andy, Flynn and Alice!

If you don’t know already, this is Alice, Andy and little Flynn, one of the most adorable little families you’ll ever come across. I literally couldn’t stop photographing on this lovely Friday afternoon beach shoot, just so many beautiful moments presenting themselves. Flynn was so polite, he did his thing for the photos, then when he was a bit worn out he helped Mum and Dad collect their things and get ready for home time. So lovely xx

smlAliAndyFlyn_83sml_1 sml_2Laughing sml_3 sml_4BW_1 sml_5 sml_6sml_7BW_5_1 sml_8sml_32sml_10 sml_9sml_11BW_2 sml_12 sml_13 sml_14BW_3 sml_15 sml_16BW_4 sml_17 sml_18 sml_19 sml_20 sml_21Mum&Dad sml_22 sml_23 sml_24 sml_25Lovers sml_26 sml_27 sml_28Playtime sml_29 sml_30Helping sml_31

3 thoughts on “Alice? Alice? Andy, Flynn and Alice!

  1. Thanks again so much Kitty. You did such a beautiful job, we really love them (which is saying alot because I can’t stand photos of myself) and had fun afternoon creating them with you. You clever thing. Love the one of Flynn giving Andy a big kiss x

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